5 things guaranteed to make every Finn happy

The Finnish are a friendly breed of people who grab life with both hands and know how to throw a great party, especially when they win the world ice hockey championship. However, they're also famed for displaying as many feelings as an introverted Bhuddhist monk. This sometimes makes it hard for visitors to know what makes them happy.  With this in mind, we’ve put together five foolproof ways to make a Finnish person wild with glee.

1. Roast the Swedish

When the Finns aren't roasting coffee beans, they are roasting their next-door neighbours, the Swedish. The friendly rivalry between these Nordic neighbours is centuries old and is often made apparent in hilarious joke-telling sessions. The next time you spend time with a Finn, remember to join in the fun by making cracking jokes such as, “What's the difference between Swedes and mosquitoes? Mosquitoes are only annoying in the summer.” Comedy gold like this will gain you the love and respect of the whole Finnish nation. 


2. Get jolly with java

The Finns love coffee and sip away a staggering 12kg of the stuff per capita per year. It’s no wonder Finland has earned the title of the “world’s biggest consumer of coffee.” This national love of the delicious drink began way back in the 18th century and became the social drink of choice between 1919 and 1932 when the dark period of alcohol prohibition was enforced. Today, drinking coffee in Finland is still a much-loved social experience, so If you want to make a Finn smile, boil them a big steaming mug of brown gold, drink one yourself, and let the good times flow.  

3. Feel the heat in a steamy sauna

Finding a sauna in Finland is as easy as finding sand in the desert, as the country contains an estimated 2 million hot and steamy hubs of relaxation. The biggest Finnish pastime is achieving a naked zen-like state in temperatures of nearly 100 degrees Celsius. So If you want to make a Finn hot with excitement, show them you have what it takes to handle the intensity of the Finnish sauna, throw as much löyly as you can physically handle, and let the friendship glow brighter than hot sauna rocks by sitting back and saying, “Finnish saunas are the best in the world.”

4. Get naked with strangers

The Finnish sauna isn’t just a place to increase the temperature, it’s also a place to decrease your clothes. Where most of the world view nakedness as rude and hilarious, the Finnish view getting naked as an exercise in relaxation. In Finland, it’s strange NOT to have seen your closest friend or even your in-laws in the nude. So if you want to keep a Finn happy, take off those shackles of oppression, let it all hang out and enjoy your nakedness in freedom and comfort.


5. Embrace the sound of silence

78% of Finland is covered with lush forest and has a population of just 5.3 million people, so it’s easy to see why Finns need lots of personal space and quietness. But if you think this means Finns are shy, think again. In Finland, great thoughts and positive outlooks are born out of being at one with nature and having space to process deep feelings. If you’re spending a day with a Finn who’s not saying much, remember that they are probably thinking about the good times they are spending with a great friend. Finnish silence can teach the rest of the world a lesson in appreciating the moment and not filling up the day with pointless chit-chat. If you want to make a Finn happy, spend some time in glorious silence, and let the few words you say be meaningful and poignant A country filled with unique and interesting customs, it’s sometimes difficult to make the people of Finland happy. But with some clever jokes, good coffee, and public nudity, you can’t go far wrong on making your Finn a merry one.

But with some clever jokes, good coffee, and public nudity, you can’t go far wrong on making your Finn a merry one.

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