13 fun Finnish facts you probably don't know

Check out Finland's history, its geography, culture and language, and you'll soon see why many people consider it so weirdly wonderful. To give a tiny taster of its uniqueness, here are 13 fun Finnish facts which help explain some of the many reasons that make this Nordic country so special. 






  • Before EU, the alcoholic beverages were highly taxes both in Finland and Sweden, so people would buy a round trip ticket on the ferry with the concept of drinking enough to pay for the ticket.

    Jaakko Talvitie
  • It’s easier to take Helsinki- Tallinn ferry and cheaper too.

    Mrs Yoff
  • Unfortunately slot machine fact is not that simple. Lots of ”charity” money goes to politicians and political youth clubs, so that politicians let the company market the games very aggressively. This has resulted to lots of gambling problems, and also suicides. Finland has very big gambling issue and this monopoly company is causing it.


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