13 fun Finnish facts you probably don't know


Check out Finland's history, its geography, culture and language, and you'll soon see why many people consider it so weirdly wonderful. To give a tiny taster of its uniqueness, here are 13 fun Finnish facts which help explain some of the many reasons that make this Nordic country so special.

The home of the SMS

The digital world owes its thanks to the Finnish wizard, Matti Makkonen, who revolutionised the realm of mobile communication with his brainchild, the Short Message Service (SMS), allowing more people than ever to avoid small talk. 


The Heartland of Heavy Metal

Per capita, Finland has the highest concentration of metal bands in the world. By blaring its way to the top of the league it can truly rock the title of "Heavy Metal Mecca."

Wife carrying connoisseurs

A peculiarly Finnish tradition, wife-carrying or 'eukonkanto,' has taken the world by storm, turning into an internationally enjoyed sport, where lovebirds hurdle through obstacle courses with their spouses piggybacking. Finland hosts the wife carrying world championships.

Female First

Finland broke the glass ceiling first in Europe, by giving women full political rights and the vote way back in 1906.

Chucking Mobile Phones

Finland takes peculiarity to a whole new level, with a bizarre sport of mobile phone hurling. Participants display their prowess in pitching out-of-commission phones as far as they can.

Reindeer Oasis

The vast expanses of Lapland are the natural habitat to a striking 200,000 to 300,000 reindeers, adding a dash of mythical charm to the Arctic landscape.

Liquorice Aficionados

Finns display a unique fondness for the salty-sweet combo of 'salmiakki,' with their nation topping the global charts for liquorice consumption.

The Palindromic Pinnacle

Finland shows off its linguistic prowess with the longest palindromic word in the world, 'saippuakivikauppias,' a true delight for word nerds.

Icebreaker Sampo

On the icy waters of the Gulf of Bothnia, the legendary Icebreaker Sampo provides a bone-chilling experience of taking a dip in subzero waters and lazing on a sheet of ice.

Rallying Enthusiasts

Finns have petrol in their veins and rallying in their hearts. They've gifted the racing world with legendary drivers like Juha Kankkunen, Tommi Mäkinen, and Marcus Grönholm.

Broadband for All

Showcasing technological trailblazing, Finland bestowed upon its citizens the legal right to broadband internet access, a global first, in 2010.

Archipelagic Wonderland

Along its captivating coastline, Finland boasts of the world’s largest archipelago, with over 80,000 islands forming a beautiful mosaic of natural splendor.

Air Guitar Extravaganza

The Finns showcase their humor and creativity by hosting the Air Guitar World Championships, a unique event drawing fans from every corner of the planet.

Proof if proof is needed what a weirdly wonderful country Finland really is! If there any other fun facts you know, we'd love to hear them in the comments below.  


  • My experience is the Finisch sauna with a dunne had on your head and then take a dip in the icy water of the lake! It’s adictive!💪👍😜

    Marjon Hexspoor-Woolthuis
  • This made my day and almost destroyed my keyboard!
    @Mattias – I like the Finnish palindrome “attekumioravavaroimuketta”
    Which can be translated as “Andy Rubbersquirrel beware of the cigarette holder!” :-)

  • It is estimated that there are more than three million saunas in Finland and It is estimated
    there are more saunas in Finland than cars.

    Marja Jokinen
  • I like the Finnish palindrome “attekumioravavaroimuketta”
    Though it is not one word🙈

  • The liquors on the ferry between Finland and Sweden were a lot more favourably priced before we joined EU. The ferries to Tallinn became conveniently usable only after the collapse of the Soviet Union. (And a lot less cheap since they too joined the EU)

    Herring Gull

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