13 fun Finnish facts you probably don't know

Check out Finland's history, its geography, culture and language, and you'll soon see why many people consider it so weirdly wonderful. To give a tiny taster of its uniqueness, here are 13 fun Finnish facts which help explain some of the many reasons that make this Nordic country so special. 






  • Yeah another Finn here also commenting on the cruise ship thing. Done that several times just to get drunk and get myself some cheap booze. Have not observed the views, nothing, just drinking inside the ship. Not proud of this but it is how it is. Oh and actually gotten out of the ship and made it to Stockholm maybe 50% of the times?

  • For the Truth teller. I’m a Finn, I have been in Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki cruise several times. Every time just to drink booze and get cheap alcohol, and if possible, to visit Stockholm

    A Finn
  • When you give money to sports team, always (?) non profit youth teams, it is considered charity yes.

  • About the slot machines in Finland. All to charity?? That is not true or is sports a charity?


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