13 unmistakeable signs you grew up in Finland

Say 'moi' to lake swims before breakfast, endless coffee pots, and a passion for bucket queues. If these ignite nostalgia, then pull on your wool socks, grab a Korvapuusti, and prepare for a journey through 13 unmistakable signs you've grown up in the enchanting frost-bitten wonderland of Finland.

1. You need a Sauna in Your Bathroom

In Finland, having a sauna in your bathroom is as common as having a shower. It's the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day, or even to socialise with friends and family. Who needs a spa when you have your own personal sauna?

2. You laugh at the cold

Finland is known for its freezing temperatures, and if you grew up there, you're no stranger to the cold. You've mastered the art of layering clothes and can survive even the harshest winter storms. Snowball fights and ice skating are just a normal part of your childhood memories.

3. You're a Moomin Fanatic

Moomins are a beloved Finnish cartoon family that have captured the hearts of people all over the world. If you grew up in Finland, chances are you have a collection of Moomin books, toys, or even clothing. The Moomins are a national treasure, and you're proud to be a fan.

4. You're a Caffeine addict

Finns are known for their love of coffee, and if you grew up in Finland, you've probably been drinking it since you were a child. You can handle the strongest cup of coffee without batting an eye, and you know that coffee breaks are an essential part of the Finnish lifestyle.

5. You're a master of silence

Finns are known for their quiet nature and love of solitude. If you grew up in Finland, you've learned to appreciate the beauty of silence and enjoy spending time alone in nature. You know that sometimes the best conversations happen without words.

6. You favourite sweets are black

Salmiakki, or salty licorice, is a unique Finnish candy that you either love or hate. If you grew up in Finland, you're probably a die-hard salmiakki lover. You can spot a fellow salmiakki enthusiast from a mile away and can't resist the salty, tangy taste.

7. You are Ice Hockey mad

Ice hockey is more than just a sport in Finland, it's a way of life. If you grew up in Finland, chances are you've played ice hockey at least once in your life. You know the thrill of scoring a goal and the camaraderie that comes with being part of a team.

8. You hardly sleep in summer 

In the summer months, Finland experiences the phenomenon of the midnight sun, where the sun doesn't set for weeks. If you grew up in Finland, you've learned to adapt to the constant daylight and embrace the endless summer nights.

9. You're an Ice Swimmer

If you grew up in Finland, you're no stranger to the tradition of sauna ice swimming. Taking a dip in a frozen lake or sea after a hot sauna session is a popular Finnish pastime. You've braved the icy waters and know the exhilarating feeling of being one with nature.

10. You can handle the long winter nights

Finland is known for its long winter nights, where the sun barely rises above the horizon. If you grew up in Finland, you've learned to embrace the darkness and find joy in cozy evenings spent by the fireplace, surrounded by family and friends.

11. You're expert at queuing 

Sisu is a Finnish term that roughly translates to "perseverance" or "grit." If you grew up in Finland, you've developed a strong sense of sisu. You know how to push through challenges and never give up, no matter how tough the situation.

12. You're a trained mosquito killer

Finland is known for its abundance of mosquitoes during the summer months. If you grew up in Finland, you've learned to coexist with these pesky insects and have perfected the art of mosquito swatting. You know that mosquito bites are just a part of summer in Finland.

13. Your special place has trees

Finland is a country of breathtaking natural beauty, and if you grew up there, you've developed a deep love and respect for nature. You know the joy of picking berries in the forest, swimming in pristine lakes, and hiking in the vast wilderness. Nature is your playground.

Growing up in Finland is a unique experience that shapes who you are. From saunas and ice hockey to Moomins and sisu, Finland has a special place in your heart. Embrace your Finnish roots and cherish the memories of your childhood in the land of a thousand lakes.


  • yäYees. Fits to every one.

    Otso Vuorinen
  • I found out I was half Finnish in my 40s. (My father was adopted – no one knew – thank you DNA) It is surprising how “Finnish” I am even though I was raised in the California Redwoods.

    Kathleen Sipilä Swineford
  • 13/13 😍
    Very Finnish!
    I love four season, even if it’s raining Hard and freezing

  • 10 out of 13. Hate ice hockey, never go to ice swim and drink tea, no coffee :)

  • As soon as I read the title, I just knew sauna was going to be on the list. You haven’t truly bonded with someone until you’ve both sat in a tiny, scorching room in your house tossing water onto burning rocks 🧖‍♂️🔥


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