13 ways to annoy a Finn

As a rule Finns are pretty chilled out, but there are some simple, fool proof ways to annoy them. So, if you want to avoid that, avoid doing these. 

1. Speak loudly in public places

2. Speak loudly in public places to strangers

3. Speak quietly in public places to strangers 

4. Compare them to Swedes

5. Compare them to Russians

6. Forget there's more to Finland than Helsinki 

7. Ask where you can see Finnish polar bears

9. Wear a towel in the sauna and complain about the heat

10. Ask what it's like to live in a socialist country 

11. Say ice hockey is boring 

12. Say hello to your neighbour 

13. Leave rubbish in the forest  

Photo credit: Donnie Ray Jones


  • Ask them how their educational system can be considered so fantastic when they can’t even count to 8 🤔

  • … Ask Finnish if they use number 8 :)


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