Finntastic! 5 best stores to buy Finnish products online

An ever-changing art and design scene and a thriving tech sector make Finland a fertile breeding ground for many cool inventions. Today, the vast selection of online stores make it easier than ever for the international community to buy Finland's latest gadgets and gizmos, resulting in the small Nordic nation shipping $73.3 billion worth of goods around the world in 2019 alone. To celebrate this, we've put together a list of the five best online stores to buy Finnish products.

1. Very Finnish Problems

Since its launch in 2016, Very Finnish Problems has become one of Finland's most popular social media brands, with 600 thousand fans enjoying witty insights into Finnish life on five social channels. Since then, it's founder, British author, and Helsinki resident, Joel Willans has published two successful Very Finnish Problems books and launched this online shop.    

Needless to say, we're biased but fan worldwide love the uniquely designed merchandise, including Finnish themed t-shirts, hoodies and kids clothes, mugs, accessories and even face masks. 

2. Finnish Design Shop

Buying Finnish brands from another country has not always been an easy experience. But this all changed in 2004 when Finnish businessman, Teemu Kiiski started the Finnish Design Shop from a small studio space. In a few short years, the shop became the official dealer of over 230 Nordic design brands.

Today, the Finnish Design Shop ships Finnish products to over 180 countries, and the site's blog page, "Design Stories", features in-depth interviews with Nordic designers to keep international fans up to speed with the latest styles.

3. Fiskars

In the late 1960s, Fiskars brought Finnish design onto the global stage with their famous orange handled scissors. But the Fiskars story doesn't begin there. Finland's oldest privately owned company was founded way back in 1649 and began making its famous utensils in 1832. Today, Fiskars' global reaching website is a one-stop-shop for hardy, beautifully designed Finnish brands that stand the test of time, many of which come with a 25-year warranty. 

 The brand is available in almost thirty countries across Europe, America and Australasia. Customers in nations where online shopping is not an option can find their nearest Fiskars store with a handy location guide.

4. Moomin


Since 1945, the Moomins have delighted old and young alike with their cute hippo-like butts and rustic adventures. Today, the Moomins are one of Finland's most successful brands, raking in an estimated 700 million euros a year.

Perhaps Moomin Papa has added some e-commerce books to his library, as the Moomin website manages to deliver to every country in the EU, as well as Australia, Japan and the US. But isn't just for shopping. The site is packed with beautiful illustrations, Moomin trivia and inspiring quotes, too. 

 5. Iittala

Founded in 1881, Iittala is famous for its unique, multi-functional Finnish designed products. In the 1940's — a time when modernism and functionalism were shaping the Finnish national identity— pioneers of designers like Alvar and Aino Aalto and Kaj Franck turned Nordic home decor from highly patterned status symbols to thoughtfully crafted functional decor for everyone to enjoy.

Today, Iittala products are developed by talented glass blowers and designers who carefully oversee the production process to develop internationally acclaimed, award-winning products such as vases and glasses. What's more, the site features a beautiful dining section, and articles featuring key insights from their creative developers. 



From saunas to heart rate monitors to Angry Birds to reflectors, Finland has given the world a lot of cool products over the years. Today, digital technology makes it easier than ever to send the best of Finnish produce to the international community.  And with a global fanbase eagerly buying the latest goods, we can only wonder what innovative  gadgets and striking designs Finland will give us next.

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