10 fun winter T-shirts every snow lover will adore


Here at Very Finnish Problems, we're putting an end to the myth that warmer is better. Sure, everyone loves to get their tan on, but can that beat the excitement of snowball fights and sledging? 


Buy here - Proud ice maiden 

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Many picture paradise as a place of palm trees and parasols. But it turns out that paradise is frozen solid, as those chilly Finns have been ranked the happiest people on earth. However, It's difficult to spot a happy Finn: Thick winter scarves often cover beaming smiles. 

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If you're looking to relax and take it easy, then grab your T-shirt and hop on a flight to Finland. Here, you'll find hotels that are made entirely of ice. Talk about a chilled holiday.

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It's hard not to be cool when you're in a country that sees temperatures of -20.  Follow a chilly walk with a trip to the sauna, and you'll be both a hot and cool customer. 

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When taking a winter break, it's best to leave your work diary and stress at home. But you've still got lots of holiday plans to follow, right? Well, you can put that problem to bed with this holiday to-do list T-shirt. You'll look great, and you'll never forget your relaxing plans again.

Buy here - Eat sleep ice swim repeat 


Many Finns or Finn lovers are asked: "What is Finland like?" Now, you can save time with the explanations and point to this handy T-shirt. It's based on the to-do list of over 99% of all Finns.

Indeed, Finland's cool reputation is directly linked to its cold climate. After all, where else can you swim in a freezing lake before enjoying a frosty beer in a steaming sauna?


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