5 weird and wonderful reasons to love Finland


Said to be the happiest country in the world, Finland is filled with relaxing saunas, beautiful lakes and great people. With so much on offer, it’s little wonder why many visitors fall in love with Lady Finland at first sight. Here are five things we at Very Finnish Problems love about Finland.

1. Steamy Saunas


There’s no better feeling than the warm embrace of a steamy löyly cloud. One visit to a Finnish sauna is enough to understand why the Finns built two million of them.

2. Ice swimming


Cold water won’t be enough to dull your attraction to Finland; it may even enhance it. Jumping into a freezing lake after a hot and steamy sauna session fills your brain with feel-good endorphins, making you feel happy and loved-up all day.

3. Light summer nights


What’s more romantic than gazing up at the night sky? Gazing up at the night sky in daylight, of course. Finnish summers are characterised by long light nights and peaceful pale skies. Come on midsummer and you’ll experience 24 hours of daylight.

4. Space to be alone

Finland has 4,500 trees for every person. The nation is filled with vast forests that are perfect for long, relaxing afternoons and camping under the stars with loved ones.

5. Equality


Finland is a rich, beautiful, smart, and down to earth kind of girl. She has no interest in superficial things like status, and she treats her people with equality and respect. Even the president of this great nation can be seen mingling with ordinary folks in his local coffee shop.

Finland is pretty awesome indeed. Let’s wear our love for her on our sleeve in style.

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