6 very Finnish t-shirts every introvert will love

Here at Very Finnish Problems, we’re concerned with the plight of the introvert. Not only do they have to battle for sweet silence and personal space, but many introverts often have to go through the ordeal of explaining their introverted tendencies to the public, which leads to pointless conversations and unwanted socialising. 

Now, with our range of Finnish-inspired Introvert-friendly and super-trendy T-shirts, we’ve put an end to the dark days of small talk. 

1. Buy here - Small talk makes me want to die 

Do you have a neighbour, colleague or even a loved-one who pollutes your day with small talk about the weather or the latest development of their cat's skin condition?  If so, tell them what for with T-shirt no introvert can live without. It’ll let people know your view on small talk, so you won’t have to. 

2. Buy here - My dream home has no neighbours

Many introverts are fond of the old saying, “Good fences make good neighbours.” But wouldn’t it be better if there were no neighbours at all? We certainly think so, which is why we’ve updated the classic saying to fit the lifestyle of the modern introvert.

3. Buy here - Fluent in Silence 

Much like Latin, the beautiful ancient language of silence has shaped the world we live in, yet is only spoken by a select few. If you’re a speaker of silence, then why not show off your rare ability by stating your linguistic skills on a trendy T-shirt? It certainly beats talking to people about it.

4. Buy here - I’m not anti-social, I’m pro-solitude 

The next time an extrovert asks you if your silence is a sign of upset, this cool T-shirt will state that you don’t support pro noise issues and will hopefully end the conversation.

5. Buy here - People think I’m unhappy. But I just like silence 

If you’ve got a big social event coming up and want to sit in the corner without attracting the attention of concerned extroverts, then this T-shirt is the garment for you. Finally, every introvert can repel nonsense comments such as “How do you know the party host?” or “What do you do?” while being the best-dressed guy in the room.     

6. Buy here Silence is better than bullshit 


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