Finland laughs at Andrew Tate's sauna fail

A snapshot of the self-proclaimed woman-hating influencer perched on the bottom rung of a seemingly chilly sauna has caught the eye of countless Finns.

The infamous Andrew Tate shared the sauna picture last week. Earlier this month, he and his sibling Tristan swapped prison bars for house arrest. At the end of last year, Andrew Tate was apprehended in Romania on charges of rape, human trafficking, and forming an organized crime group. He maintains his innocence.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and YouTube have banned Tate due to his misogynistic content. Initially, Twitter also barred him, but Elon Musk, the platform's present owner, permitted Tate to continue using it in November.  It was on Twitter that his sauna pic caused a löyly wave of searing scorn.

Searing scorn from Finland 

Sauna is the lifeblood of Finnish culture, securing a spot on UNESCO's Intangible Heritage List as a "sacred space" for the Finns.Thus, it's no surprise that a photo of the self-avowed misogynist lounging in a sauna has stirred up a flurry of sardonic remarks and sneers across Finnish cyberspace.

Photo showcases a steamy stumble

The image displays Tate ensconced on the lower bench of a sauna, clad in shorts and a towel, with the thermometer revealing a tepid 50 degrees Celsius. For context, the Finnish Sauna Society advises warming a sauna to 80-100 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the sauna bucket — meant for tossing water on the stones to generate sauna steam — is perched on the wall by the oven, far from Tate's position. Some responses to Tate's tweet praise his "focus" and "concentration," even likening him to a yogi.

Yet, the reactions from Finland were far less flattering.

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