Nordic nosh: Top t-shirts for Finnish food lovers



Finland has a lot of great food on the menu. In fact, the Finns penchant for salmon, oats and berries may be the reason they live to the seasoned age of 84. Of course, not all Finnish food is excellent for your health. But it’s great for your taste buds. So we at Very Finnish Problems are showing our love for Finnish food in style. Here are some of our favourites.

Click to buy: 1. Mustikka

The humble mustikka grows in abundance in Finland and offers hungry ramblers a tasty summer snack. Known globally as the European blueberry, mustikka is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C. They also reduce inflammation, and may even improve your vision.


Click to buy: 2. Salmiakki

Not for the faint-hearted, Salmiakki divides diners into groups of lovers and haters. Some love the strong salty taste, while others grimace and compare it to seawater-flavoured tar. But as the old saying goes, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.


Click to buy 3. Pulla

Pulla is a perfect sweet snack that makes Finn’s coffee break extra special. Dusted with sugar and cinnamon, freshly baked pulla warms you up and brings sunshine into the darkest, coldest days.

4. Coffee

Click to buy 4. Coffee

Coffee may not grow in Finland, but it indeed calls the place home. Finns love the stuff and drink a whopping average of 2.6 cups a day. This makes the Finnish the biggest coffee drinkers on earth. Take that, Italy. 


Click to buy 5. Karjalan Piirakka   

Karelian pies give you energy to take on the world. Packed with rice and eggs, they’ve helped generations of Finns brave the harshest winters. So, let’s show our love for these small yet mighty power snacks in style.  

All this great food is too good to be kept a secret. So if you’re crazy for coffee and mad about mustikka, check out the Very Finnish Problems shop and wear your fondness for Finnish food on your sleeve.

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