Finnish heavy metal for kids: good old-fashioned family headbanging

Heavy metal is not rare in Finland, although it sure is highly valued. The small Nordic nation leads the world in heavy metal with a whopping 53 metal bands for every 100,000 inhabitants. Even kids love metal music, especially when performed by a particularly hard-rocking group of edgy and super cool dinosaurs. In this case, the term ‘dinosaur band’ is not an offensive description of your dad’s record collection you secretly enjoy listening to. In Finland, the band Hevisaurus is a group of hard-rocking singers who perform heavy metal to kids while dressed as dinosaurs.

Picture the edgy younger brothers of Barney the dinosaur, and you’ll get Hevisaurus. They’re what would happen if Gene Simmons and Dino from the Flintstones settled down and had a few kids. Moving that horrific image aside, let’s find out more about Hevisaurus, and how they’ve been keeping kids and adults rocking since 2009.

Heavy Metal music in Finland

It’s fair to say that heavy metal is mainstream in Finland, which is why lots of famous metal bands such as Nightwish, HIM and Lordi happen to be Finnish. A Finnish metal band even won the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2006, and the nation continues to breed new talent. You can read all about that here.

So when Hevisaurus released their debut album “Kings of Jurassic Metal” back in 2009, Finnish kids aged between two and nine quickly sent it to number 5 in the Finnish Album Chart. Today, adults and kids fill stadiums to watch Hevisaurus perform their hits. It’s good old-fashioned family headbanging! A Lot of the success is thanks to the dinosaur characters, of course. Behind the studs and the leather, the dinosaurs are very friendly guys. Like many of the world’s most peaceful folk, the only thing the rocking reptiles want to do all day is to have fun, tell stories, sing songs and strum guitars.

Dinosaurs on the move

Now, the dinosaurs are making their mark outside Finland, and have even made it as far as South America. Unlike Finland, Argentinian shows often don’t have many children in attendance, as grown-ups often watch Hevisaurus for their own amusement.

Much like the Moomins - another set of lovable Finnish characters -Hevisaurus seem to be resonating with adults as much as they are with children. And after listening to their music, this 31-year-old copywriter can see why.

Personally, I’d happily see Hevisaurus perform without being accompanied by a child! Would you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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