5 fab Finnish homeware products to help with homesickness

Right now, there’s a whopping 1.6 million Finns dotted around the globe. So for all the wandering Finns missing their native land, here at Very Finnish Problems we've created some fab Finnish homeware to keep homesickness at bay.

5. The forest is my second home


Finding a peaceful forest to get away from it all in Finland is a breeze. After all, trees cover 75 per cent of the nation’s land. But other countries are not so lucky, and many Finnish ex-pats crave the lush greenery of their homeland. So, we at Very Finnish Problems are bringing relaxing forest vibes to your home with a soft, rustic pillow. Much like the forests of Finland, the “Forest is My Second Home” pillow relaxes the mind and helps creative thoughts flow.

4. Beautiful berries pillowcase


Finland’s huge selection of wild berries tastes fantastic, especially when they’re picked straight from the forest. So for those Nordic nomads missing their dose of Finnish freshness, we’ve put a stylish reminder on a cosy pillowcase—the vibrant red lingonberry pattern guarantees to light up any living space.

3. Runeberg torte framed poster


It’s hard to believe that many people outside Finland have never experienced the delicious joy of a Runeberg torte. So lets spread global awareness with this funky framed Runeberg torte poster. Much like the Finnish people, the colourful poster is tough, durable and very eco-friendly. It’s made with wood from renewable forests.

2. Finnish face poster


Despite coming from the world’s happiest country, Finns can sometimes look rather moody to foreigners. So to save millions from having to explain the concept of Finnish stoicism, we’ve printed this handy poster. Finns now longer have to explain their “bad mood” to guests. They can simply point to the info on this poster and get on with their wonderfully introverted lives.

1. Very Finnish service manual mug


Finland is known for many incredible things. The world’s youngest prime minister, polar nights and Santa Claus are just a few claims to fame. But the Finnish character remains a bit of a mystery. So we’ve put some useful info about the Finnish people on a charming coffee mug. Workmates, friends and housemates can learn all about the Finnish personality, and won’t take you away from your glorious coffee by asking questions.

When you find yourself missing the lush lakes and fabulous forests of super Suomi, don’t despair. Here at Very Finnish Problems, our selection of Finnish themed goodies offer a remedy for homesickness. We deliver to most countries, so you get Finnish goodies delivered directly to you.

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