8 funny Finland T-shirts for men


Being a man seems to be in fashion these days, as statistics show that men make up 50.4% of the human population. But what's it like for Finnish men? To answer this question, we've showcased funny Finland t-shirts for men and the habits and behaviours they showcase. 

1. They love silence

Finnish men typically will not talk much throughout the day unless provoked or intoxicated. Experts believe that this behavioural trait is formed by their natural habitat, which is usually surrounded by trees and free of other lifeforms.

2. They don’t get enough heat from their natural surroundings

Due to Finland’s cold environment, Finnish men must store body heat from saunas. They do this a few times a week and are often spotted in a pack or with a potential mate. If they become too hot in the sauna, they will instinctively run towards large bodies of water.

3. They are a lot more gentle than they sometimes look


Finnish men are incredibly friendly and even helpful to both females and other males. However, their camouflage, known as “Finnish face,” is reported to make them appear hostile. This unique feature becomes more apparent when Finnish males are surrounded by unknown people in harsh environments such as trams and trains.

4. They communicate with unique sounds

An empathetic and compassionate breed, Finnish men express their need for help by making a shrill sound known as the “perkele.” It can often be heard while males carry large bags of sustenance for their mate, or while using blunt tools to maintain or repair a nest.

5. They sometimes lose their camouflage

Although the evidence is highly disputed, some scientists theorise that Finnish men sometimes show feelings of glee and triumph in public places. They believe that the rare event happens every few years when a member of their pack wins a hockey game. Although the blatant show of glee lasts a few seconds, it may play a vital role in initiating a mating ritual.

6. They only have one small predator

Finnish men have few natural predators and have a surprising ability to chase off larger tribes looking to steal their land. However, mosquitos pose a threat to Finnish men in the summer months, especially when they go near water. When a Finnish male is bitten by a mosquito, they make their trademark ‘perkele’ sound before numbing the pain with ethanol.

 7. They’re often found in rural areas

Finnish men tend to inhabit rural areas such as woodlands and lakesides, although they are known to migrate to cities to gather supplies or to find a mate. However, they leave the city in the summer months to re-energise with sauna steam and a type of red meat known as nakki.

 8. Experienced males are known as cottage kings

Finnish men do not adhere to hierarchical systems like, for example, the British. However, researchers have found that Finnish cubs tend to learn skills from what’s known as a “Summer Cottage King.” Much like the Silverback gorilla, Cottage Kings teach cubs skills that they’ll use in adulthood such as chopping wood, lighting fires, killing mosquitos, swimming and even fixing water leaks in the nest.

 Cherry on top

Although the Finnish man is a rare and unique breed, they do share common behaviours such as consuming ethanol and practicing mating chants with every kind of human man. Still, it’s believed that Finnish men will never be entirely understood as they don’t talk about themselves very often.

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