Hei there! 21 ways to say hello in Finnish

Stepping foot into Finland, and bam! You're hit with a flurry of fabulous Finnish hellos. Navigating through the symphony of “Heis,” “Heippas,” and now the delightful “Mois”? No worries! Let's unravel this linguistic puzzle together.

Peek Inside This Guide:

  • “Hei” and its Cool Cousins
  • The Formal Finnish Hello-How-Do
  • Finnish Farewells: Not Goodbye, Just “Hei” Again!
  • When a Finn Asks, “How are you?”

“Hei” – The Finnish “Hey!”

You want to say hello in Finnish? Boom! Just drop a “Hei”. Sounds like “hay” and works anywhere, anytime.


Finnish ‘Hellos’ - The Popular Bunch:

  • Hei
  • Heips
  • Heippa
  • Moi
  • Moikka
  • Moro (primarily a Tampere classic, but now a nationwide favorite!)
  • Terve
  • Päivää (A snappy "Good day" for those in a hurry)
  • Miten menee? (An informal "How's it going?")
  • Mitä kuuluu? (The Finnish "What’s up?")
  • Heissan (An energetic hey there) 

These words? They're basically Finland's way of saying, "Hi!" Whether you're embracing the chill of a Finnish sauna or ice-fishing, these casual gems fit 99% of occasions. And yes, the younger crowd is all about the “Moi,” “Moikka,” and the breezy “Heips.”

The Morning Glory in Finnish

“Hyvää huomenta” – that's "Good morning" to us mere mortals. If you’re feeling snappy, just go with “Huomenta”.

Your Finnish Formalities Corner:

  • Tervehdys (Greetings, not the medical kind)
  • Hyvää huomenta (Still means Good morning)
  • Hyvää päivää (Good day, mate!)
  • Hyvää iltaa (For those moonlit nights)
  • Terveiset (A written "regards", but let's toss it in as a form of hello too!)

Imagine meeting the Finnish president – “Hyvää päivää” would be your go-to.

Exiting, the Finnish Way:

  • Heihei (Double the hei, double the fun!)
  • Moimoi (You guessed it, another bye-bye)
  • Moikka (Yet another one)
  • And, for a touch of class, “Hyvää päivänjatkoa” or “Hyvää illanjatkoa”

The Swiss Knife of Finnish Greetings:

Say “Hei” when you step in and “Heihei” when you're slipping out. All-purpose, all awesome. Easy-peasy Finnish squeezy.

“Hello, How are you?” – The Finnish Brain-Teaser

Use this in Finland and watch the confusion unfold. To a Finn, you’ve just signed up for a therapy session. "How are you" is a legit inquiry, so brace for genuine answers.

The Silent Greetings of the North:

A nod, a handshake or just a chilly breeze? If words fail you, Finns have actions covered. Always shake that hand when saying “Hei”, unless you’re into hugging or kissing – but let's keep those for your Finnish beau.

And if you’re panicking over post-handshake silence, remember: in Finland, silence is golden!

So, next time you’re up North, armed with this expanded guide, dive into that Finnish greeting sea and swim with the locals! And hey, drop a “moi” on my Instagram - spread that Finnish magic.

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