Love Very Finnish Problems’ Finland memes? Now you can wear them on your T-shirt

Over the years, we at Very Finnish Problems have received some fantastic responses from our fans for many of our Finland memes.To celebrate this, we’ve printed some of the best Finland memes on a range of Very Finnish Problems T-shirts. Check out some of our favourites below, and wear your love of memes on your sleeve today.

Silence is better than bullshit

Finns aren’t likely to shout their love of silence from the rooftops, which is why we at Very Finnish Problems have made this “silence is better than bullshit” T-shirt. Now, you can enjoy the bliss of Finnish quiet time anywhere around the world. Cut out the noise and the bullshit in style.

Silence is Golden

But what happens when someone won’t give you the precious silence you crave? We at Very Finnish Problems have the answer - duct tape. For just a few pounds, dollars or euros, you can enjoy 50 meters of durable shut up tape and enjoy a beautiful day of peace and tranquillity. Silence really is golden and is perhaps the reason Finns are the happiest people on the planet.

Finnish Face

When Finns were told they were the happiest people on earth, they were genuinely confused how anybody found out. The Finnish face looks the same every day of the week, but the good people of Finland are rarely in a mood.

Finnish facial expressions

Finns do smile on rare occasions, though. When Finland wins a hockey game, the entire nation grins like a Cheshire cat. This display of ecstasy can sometimes last as long as two hours.

Introverts unite

The rest of the time, Finns are devoted introverts who only smile in extreme situations. So if you’d rather chill out with a paperback rather than mingle at a party, Finland is the place for you.

Sauna, eat, sleep, repeat

Yes, there is such a thing as a perfect day, which normally ends in the sauna in Finland. There are 3.3 million of the steamy hubs dotted all around the small Nordic nation and getting hot and sweaty has been a Finnish pastime for at least 1000 years.

May the forest be with you

But the number of saunas is nothing compared to the number of trees in Finland. Here, there’s a whopping 22 billion of them or ten trees for every one Finn. They play a huge part in everyday life too, and, like little Moomins, many Finns enjoy regular woodland rambles and forest frolics.

My dream home has no neighbours

With the number of trees around, living in a cosy cabin in Finland is no pipe dream. And there are no better neighbours than a family of trees. They don’t annoy you with noise, they don’t look into your window when you’re having a private moment, and they don’t bother you about sorting out your trash.

Make pulla, not war

Finland’s love of silence doesn’t only apply to small talk, as even on a global scale, Finns aren’t into pointless talking. And avoiding pointless talking is a sure way of avoiding pointless arguments, which is why Finland doesn’t often involve itself in pointless nonsense like war. After all, they’ve got better things to do, such as eating delicious sweet treats like pulla.


Even when Finns get stressed, they don’t solve the situation with petty arguments. They have a healthier way of easing the tension; locking themselves away from the world, laying on the sofa in their underwear, and raising their blood alcohol level to a dangerous level.

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