Meet Ukko: The Finnish god of thunder

Ukko is a god from Finnish mythology who is often associated with thunder, the sky, and agricultural fertility. He is considered the king of the gods and is revered as the protector of the common people in Finnish folklore.

Ukko in Finnish Mythology

According to traditional Finnish stories, Ukko was believed to be an old man with a beard who carried a hammer and a lightning bolt. These symbols likely represented his association with thunder and the power of the sky. In many myths, Ukko was also associated with the creation of the world and was thought to have created the sky and the earth.

The god of thunder

As the god of thunder, Ukko was believed to control the weather and was often invoked to bring rain or to ward off storms. In times of drought or harsh weather, people would pray to Ukko for relief. He was also thought to be the guardian of justice and was sometimes called upon to resolve disputes between people.


The farmers' friend 

In addition to his role as the god of thunder, Ukko was also associated with fertility and agriculture. In many parts of Finland, farmers would make offerings to Ukko in the hopes of receiving a good harvest. This connection likely stemmed from the fact that thunder and rain are essential for the growth of crops.

A guardian of justice

Ukko was not the only deity worshipped in Finnish mythology, but he was considered one of the most important. He was often depicted as a powerful and wise figure who possessed great strength and knowledge. In many stories, he was depicted as a wise and fair judge who was always willing to listen to the concerns of the people.

The continuing legacy of Ukko 

After introduction of Christianity, other religious activities were banned as idolatry, but the festival of  Vakkajuhlata sacred festival celebrated in honor of Ukko continued until 1670. It was reported that the peasantry did not consider it a sin. Despite the passage of time and the influence of modernity, the myth and legend of Ukko continue to hold a special place in the hearts and minds of many people in Finland.

Ukko in modern Finnish culture

Despite his importance in Finnish mythology, Ukko is not as well-known as some other deities from other cultures. This may be because Finnish mythology is not as well-studied as the mythology of some other cultures. However, Ukko continues to be revered by some people in Finland and his influence can still be seen in modern Finnish culture.

For those who believe in his power, Ukko represents a connection to the natural world and the forces that shape our lives. He is a symbol of strength, wisdom, and justice, and his influence can still be felt today.


  • Thank you for this. I have become very interested in Finland and Finnish mythology. It began many years ago when I read Emil Petaja’s science fiction books based on the Kalevala. I have now read the Kalevala itself and have an ukonkirves pendant. I hope to visit the island of Ukonkivi next summer.

    Gordon Taylor
  • UKKO minner meg helst om den Norrøne Guden, Tor med Hammeren :-)

    Kristian Robert Vinberg Grødem
  • This is all very interesting. My question is “How do you pronounce UKKO?” Please describe the vowels as being long or short, give an example in a very familiar word. I assume the “K” is pronounced like the “k in kitchen”.

    Bea Heinze
  • When my husband became a grandfather in 2008 he didn’t want to be known as Ukki Pappas pop or grandad but UKKO. So everybody now knows him as Ukko.

  • Uku is the Estonian variation of Ukko. Thank you for the article, it applies to the Estonian mythology equally.

    Uku Meri

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