Why Very Finnish Problems is the best online store for Finland fanatics

When Joel Willans first had the idea to turn his successful Very Finnish Problems brand into a Finnish gift shop, we didn't think his idea would resonate with such a high number of Finnish fans around the world. 

But one and a half years on, the Very Finnish Problems online shop, has nearly 300 uniquely designed Finnish-themed products and sells to thousands of happy global customers. 

But why exactly do so many people visit the Very Finnish Problems online shop in the first place? 

1. A one-stop-shop for Finnish fashion

What started as a small store that sold mugs and T-shirts to a few fans quickly became a one-stop-shop for an international audience. Today, visitors can buy everything from kids and baby clothes to books, home accessories, socks, bags, phone covers, face masks and much more on one fun website.  


2. Global delivery

You don't have to live in Finland to be part of the Finnish fun either, as we deliver to pretty much every country on earth. Even during the global pandemic, we've managed to send tons of products across countless borders and oceans so that the world can wear their fondness for Finland on their sleeves.   


3. Finnish themes with a global appeal 

Finns are an interesting breed of people. They are friendly, inventive and welcoming, but also love their personal space, value the silence of nature and enjoy a solitary steam in the sauna. And it's this unique Finnish character that seems to have resonated with the world, especially with outdoor-loving introverts who relish the idea of sitting back and letting their minds wander. Indeed, not only have we created a great place to buy Finnish souvenirs, but we've also built an introvert's dream shop. 


 4. Fantastic deals 

Here at Very Finnish Problems, we're all about sharing the love. That's why we regularly send our valued fans newsletters filled with great deals and new products. What's more, finding a bargain is easy. All you have to do is sign up to our newsletter to get regular 15% discount codes sent straight to your inbox.  


5. Lots of happy customers

Great deals, lots of cool products and speedy delivery times result in a lot of satisfied customers, who often send us some rather lovely testimonials. Of course, we're pretty proud of this, so we put customer feedback on the Very Finnish Problems homepage for all to see.  

So if you think Finland is fabulous, check out our wide selection of products on the Very Finnish Problems shop homepage today, and see why so many people visit us to get their fix of Finnish fun. 

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